Sound in the Fog

Ugh I’m sick QwQ

Headache + Nose sneezing + Coughing = flu

YEAAAH AND I HAVE SCHOOL ALL THE WEEK… Hung going to sleep right away, have to wake up early tomorrow… Just hope I will be able to sleep.

What was that ? Oh sorry, can’t hear you behind Vot's screams.

furryserenity: OH MY GOSH YOUR ART IS AMAZING!!!! *faints* one question, how? ono


Thank you so much ! Oh… How ? Easy ! You sacrifice a virgin… Like Vot for example.

larry-the-tiger: -sees your sona on soothe-bells ask, dies of adorableness, sees you art, explodes of adorable awesomeness-


Thank you >//////<

The bubbles shine over the sea,

What do you see ?

Hope, light and beauty,

Round, simple and fragility.

Waves bring them to me,

Please, don’t forget your memories.”

Happy Birthday Shelly ! Like you I’ve been quite away, the waves of life have been in different directions. Just don’t forget, don’t forget the most important. Take care of you dear, and if you can’t I don’t mind listening.

I think it’s the cutie birthday today ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE CUTIE



Hi guys !
With the contest on PMDU I finally have the inspiration to draw comics again.

I already finished the brain storming and almost done the panelling (on the planning).

Though I need MANY cameos for my comic to have the impact I want. So if you’re okay with me using your team… Could you :
-reblog this post
-give me a link to your application
-describe what your characters are going to do during the festival and their attitude during those activities

It’s just to put them in the right activity during the festival. Most of them will be background cameo.

Thank you very much for reading ! ;v;/

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*whispers* how do you comic ?

mcpippypants said: Sacrifice the pure souls of virgins

Already sacrificed Vot in that purpose… Didn’t work. Do I need more ?

sanngot said: You gotta choose between comic and sleep.


do-remi said: drawings in lots of boxes

This is the friggin best description of a comic, I’m so done.

askwishfulcrown said: We should start a club >:V The “How Do Comic Club”

SATANIC CLUB OF “HOW DO COMIC CLUB” where you sacrifice virgins to draw in boxes. No sleep allowed, sleep is for the weak.