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Jundoge Enoshiba's Pokeplush giveaway!!






  • You don’t have to be following me! But if you do thats hella cool!
  • One winner only!!
  • ONE Reblog and ONE Like. No more!


The Winner gets NINE pokemon plushies!

  1. The three Kalos Starters!
  2. Three of the Five Mega-Evolution plushies!
  3. Three Eeveelutions!…


I have slippery hands when it comes to Tam. Ill flood your dashboards with it. For teamtambourin Here, have a smaller version 

Your hands have slipped a lot lately (mines can do as well MOUAHAHAHAHAH)

LOOK AT PRECIOUS SMILING TIME, my little sunny character ;3; always so cheerful when you draw her

Have to spam people with this happiness everywhere… Oh gosh I can’t stop smiling just by looking at her !!! Thanks mila TwT

trozte: Some sacrifices could get you a new tablet. *wink* *wink*




Cuz they are cool. I love tam. She keeps the team together, WHY DID YOU GET LOST.

Oh gosh Mila… You already know how many times I died in the process of making this wonderful picture. I adore how you interpret EACH TIME so well the relationship between the 3 of them…
The colors are delicious and everything is just perfect !!! I can’t thank you enough and say how much I love this ;_____;

Thank you so much Mila

furgemancs: Oh you poor dear. Cant you use paper and pen for sketching? Hmmm I thinking about to make an original fursona but dunno what should it be. Can you suggest me something mif dear? ^^

I will use the pencil and paper I will find but no colors…. Whyyyyy… Oh ! Designing a fursona is really hard ! Make a list of: your favorite colors (limit them to 2 or 3), favorite animals (1 is generally sufficient but you can go up to 2 or 3 again), the style of it (cute, cool realistic, exaggerated…). And shapes you like to draw ! Because you’re going to draw him/her a lot. After all those steps you can begin to design and then comes OTHERS questions: accessories ? Which color I want to stand out the most ? Etc etc…

Never forget the main question: how I want to look like ? c:
Hope it helps you ! That’s only my point of view xD


I swear today I will finish my sona 8| *a year thinking about it is not normal*

…first I need my computer…

Computer jailed in closed apartment ABORT ABORT

I swear today I will finish my sona 8| *a year thinking about it is not normal*

…first I need my computer…

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This day was perfect…. PERFECT thank you everyone for sharing your happiness with me <3


for teamtambourin ;v; i hope you like it!

HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT LIKE IT ?! guisjokpqkfierjokpgl^btrjidgklple

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you so much PIP OH GOSH that’s so kind of you to have taken your time to make such a colorful gift aaaah ;v; thank you <333 AAAAAH love how you played with the lines <333