Sound in the Fog


Away for 10 days guys ! Going to enjoy Berlin ! (so many things I want to visit…)

WELL TAKE ALL CARE GUYS ! *will take many pictures*

After the Rain always come the Rainbow right ? Right ?

I had a really really long talk yesterday with some friends… I tried hard to hide my feelings because I hate to bother people… But we ended up playing a game “tell the truth about your friends”. I was really uneasy waiting for some harsh words about me being just… Well…

But in the end I heard once again a really weird sentence “you’re someone courageous”. I still don’t understand why people find me courageous… I see myself as a huge coward. But people I’ve get to know always end up saying those words. Why ? I don’t understand…

I’m still not feeling good, I just try to breathe a little slowly to not end up crying again. I have to clear my mind, I hate those poisonous thoughts I keep on having…

I also wanted to thank you all for your very very kind words. You all give colors to  my life.


I’m really sorry guys… I’m just too depressive at the moment I can’t draw at all, it just makesme cry when I take my pen.

Plus, next week I will be heading for Germany (until the end of July). Maybe in August I will feel better, maybe I just need fresh air and Germany will give me just what I need…

Sorry, I’m so sorry… I hope you’re all doing good.

Why just WHY when you work your ass off for years and weeks you never ever get rewarded for ANYTHING

Not the school you wanted oh guess what your friend that DOESN’T DO A THING get the one you wanted so hard for years when she just tried it with pure luck

Eh look your dream ! What ? Of course you won’t make it because you’re just a stupid idiot that thought humans were intelligent enough to UNDERSTAND

Oh you worked for weeks your finals ? Congrats ! You have now a debt of 500€ for failling, of course that’s normal your work doesn’t mean anything for anyone…

Now go cry alone you stupid.

Virgo for CrazyIguana ! After winning the Tumblr Giveaway !

Thank you very much for your support !



hey guys pippy here to promote me, psydoktor middroo teamtambourin cecespeon piriwott ‘s collab ask tumblr!

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Peek into my character’s past!

Send me a…

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Send me a name/place/event or situation from my character’s past and they will just talk about that one thing.


For teamtambourin!

OMFG PSY WHY HOW HOW DARE U did you praise the cheetah enough ?

This revenge is so colorful whyyyy ;v; oh gosh look at that all happy shay and the clawssss and her rainbow stars <33333 she looks so happy ;_____;

oh gosh YOU WILL PAY *hugs you to death while staring at the picture forever*

teamtambourin: (with Braixen!Astra) Events after events, Kov had to stay in a quiet and peaceful place again. The forest seemed like a good idea, afterall no one really liked it... Suddenly, he heard an unusual sound coming. Curious, and wanting to ease his thoughts, he changed direction to look what could make such a rackle. Surprised, he saw a Braixen with an unusual marking on her face. "Oh... Astra ? It's you, right ?" He gently walked to meet her. "Oh, you're a bidepal mon now, do you need some advices ?"



Astra could be found trying her best to balance against a tree as she tried to walk without using her staff. To her dismay she still needed to rely on it for a bit. Upon hearing the sudden voice she jumped, nearly falling over. “Y-You- Kov..oh my fucking god, everyone’s out to startle me aren’t they.” She grumbled.
"Advice? What kind?" She asked, giving the Tepig a look of suspicion.

Astra looked towards the Tepig, with an expression of irritation. “Hrm. I am aware that Tepig are not..commonly bipedal.” She muttered. “The only thing I’ll accept is hints or tips at best.” She hissed. “I can learn the rest by myself. Hell I could learn it all by myself I’m sure.” She grumbled, holding her nose up in the air.

He listened calmly at the Braixen. She was really taller than him now…  “As I said, just advices. You’re wise and old enough to do everything else bu yourself.” He added in a calm tone.

"Oh I bet you could… You can learn everything with time." He turned around her, slowly not in a rush. He looked at the stick she was holding to help her stand. Hum… The only bad thing he could see was the fact she was always trying to put her back down. "All I can notice right now, while you’re not moving, is how you hold your back as if you were going to walk again on four paws." He nodded, looking at her gently.

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