Sound in the Fog

Jipang people ~ (active members, not NPCs)

Just tried to write “Japan” if you’re wondering… ahahah my brother would kill me =v=”       ah I needed to draw ~ I had this idea in mind for quite a long time c:

ovo Should I finish this ?

  1. ouroporos answered: awww they all are adorable ♡ and your katakana is good I think >v<*
  2. sceptalon answered: WHOA. Kov is Jipangese, too?
  3. mila-kun answered: YES, you should TOTALLY and DEFINETELY finish it. I just… HNNNG.
  4. musicalcombusken answered: AW omg do it eeee
  5. teamhangnail answered: Yessss please!
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