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Just enjoy your stay ~


I went to Japan Expo 2013 only the week-end this year and well it was a great JE like usual <3

This time for the first year, I spent a LOT of time in Video Game center (especially Nintendo one xD) and of course in the Fanzine part of the exposition c:

 It was fuuuun I met again so many people I’ve known for years in the internet and that I like to see each year during this event. It’s also so great to see so many people gathering in this expo from all around the world ! My 3DS was acting crazy with all the people in the Mii space ! In a little contest someone won an Animal Crossing: New Leaf game because he had… 10 000 visitors in his Mii space, it’s so crazy @x@

So well… I’m just here going to spam you with pictures xD


LOOK AT THOSE GIANT POKEMON STARTERS *v* (it was fun to see the video of the announcement of the new pokemon too) and a Xerneas cosplayer ~ SPECIAL LIBEGON COSPLAYER for Shishi, herthatdraws and Crazyiguana xD


Look at those sweet screens for the monster hunter tri tournament *v* (I was in the top 16  group of players… Just because of the 3 guys I randomly met who were pros xDDD *just helped to hit and paralyze the monster* and they were so kind ;_; each of us won a Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS game and a Luigi hat <3)

 ALL THE WONDERFUL FANZINES AND COMMISSIONS <333 (going to put the artist on my DA) there is also a Yuri figurine (Tales of Vesperia) and those badges from attack on titan but I forgot to put them |D (Armin and Eren of course ~)

 And finally… The autograph of the chara designer of the Tales of series OMFG ;____;


Contract ? /人◕‿‿◕人\

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